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Today's technology can do things previously only imagined in science fiction.

Here are some examples of what can happen when you add home automation to some of our other services:

Home Theater - While relaxing in your favorite chair, you can create the perfect entertainment environment with the touch of a single button. Lights dim, blinds close, and all of the audio and video componenets are automatically adjusted to the correct settings for playing a movie, or watching your favorite television program.

Whole House AV - Leave grainy alarm clocks behind and be awakened with cd quality sound as your favorite song gently ramps in volume. After a hard day of work a relaxing jazz record welcomes you as you open the front door. Televisions and audio systems throughout the entire home are easily powered down from your bedroom when it's time to sleep.

Lighting Control - Whether you are sitting down to enjoy a movie, dinner with the family or simply to read the newspaper, lighting scenes can set the perfect mood. Different scenes can be executed at scheduled times or at the touch of a single button. They can even be triggered by your front door opening, so you never have to walk into a dark house again.

Climate Control - Come home to a perfectly prepared environment without ever lifting a finger. Temperatures are set to comfortable levels in anticipation of your arrival, and kept at energy efficient levels while you're gone. Adjust heating and air conditioning systems right from your living room couch without sacrificing even a moment of relaxation.

Safety & Surveillance - Keep your family safe and secure. Cameras in the front and back of the house can be automatically displayed on your television when a guest rings the doorbell or if one of the kids gets too close to the swimming pool. Find out which windows in your house are open or closed right from the comfort of your bed.

Home theaters have been popular for a number of years, and are becoming even more so as new technology enables a truly cinematic, awe-inspiring viewing experience. Long Island Sound & Cinema has dedicated itself to bringing the best possible home theater experience to its clients.

A typical home theater system consists of several components. The key to a good home theater is the creation of the cinematic experience. Going far beyond a large-screen TV, a home theater provides a viewing surface that can truly engulf the visitor in the subjects being watched. In addition, the sound system is a vital part of the experience. Industry standards of 5.1, 7.1, and THX systems provide the most realistic audio experience available. Long Island Sound & Cinema offers numerous brands of the highest quality for both the video and audio components of your theater, and will work with you to provide the best products for all your needs.

Long Island Sound & Cinema will help design your home theater according to your wants and needs. They will then provide and install every component in your system, making sure the installation is as invisible as possible, with hidden wiring and discrete locations. Whether you're adding a state-of-the-art theater to your existing home or planning ahead for the dream house of your future, Long Island Sound & Cinema can make your home theater dreams a reality.

Whole house audio and video is one of the fastest-growing trends in home entertainment. Whole house systems allow you to enjoy your audio/video collection throughout your entire home. Today's systems allow separate control of individual rooms, including volume, balance, and content. So one person could be watching a movie in the living room, while another listens to music in the kitchen, while a third watches TV in the bedroom, all pulled from the same media center.

Whole house systems can be completely unobtrusive, with in-wall speakers, concealed wiring, and hidden power sources. They also offer unparalleled levels of control, as touch screens or remote controls in any room of your house can give you access to music, movies, and more. You can even see the names of songs and browse digital MP3 or video collections from any room. Today's systems even include docks to integrate iPods.

Whole house systems can bring a level of luxury to your entire home, to a degree you might never have imagined. It can all happen without bulky equipment cluttering your home. In fact, you can access more media with more control while having less unsightly equipment in each room, since the system runs from a consolidated location. Your whole house system can incorporate audio, video, or both, to whatever degree and whatever room coverage you choose. Long Island Sound & Cinema will work with you to design and implement the system that will best suit your lifestyle.

A surveillance system can bring peace of mind allowing you to monitor outdoor and indoor areas of your home from any TV. You can even remotely monitor you're home while you're on vacation from any internet connection. With motorized cameras you can even change the angle and zoom from your web browser!

Surveillance systems can range from a single camera to see who is at your front door to complete coverage of your entire property.

Structured wiring allows your home to accommodate new products and technologies as they emerge without rewiring. Most homes typically have wires for different things (cable, Internet, phone) installed as they are needed, in specific rooms. This creates a mess of a network, and doesn't enable reconfigurations or new installations without major overhauls.

Structured systems change all that. A house with structured wiring has data channels built out to all its rooms that can support whatever information transfer is needed. These wires run to a central location, where they can be assigned to whatever technology is required. Structured wiring avoids having to break or tear walls in order to add new technologies, components, or features to a home. No additional installation of wires or outlets would be required.

The best part is, all of the wiring in your home can be hidden out of sight, providing a sightly, professional appearance for your home. All this makes a structured wiring system invaluable to a home. Long Island Sound & Cinema provides structured wiring in coordination with any of its other services or as a separate option for homeowners.